Date: 30.11.2021
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Place: Zoom Conference

Language: English

Fully booked

According nowadays situation in the world we should be flexible and adapt rapidly for upcoming government conditions. Regarding to new requirements for foreigners and new entry restrictions related to COVID-19, Intermark will carry out its regular immigration webinar.

On 30th of November Intermark is welcoming you to new online webinar on the subject: «Russia: Fall 2021 Immigration Updates», where Intermark experts will share and discuss top official information and participants will be able to ask questions and have detailed answers for their concerns.

Upcoming Agenda

1. Medical testing & Fingerprinting: new requirements for foreigners
2. COVID-19 Entry Restrictions
3. QR codes, Gosuslugi, SNILS: how to
4. Permanent Residence Permit: upcoming changes
5. Private & Tourist visas: new opportunities

6. Q&A

  • Olga Makeshina

    Director for Immigration Services
  • Mikhail Smirnov

    Deputy Director for Immigration Services
  • Anton Taranishin

    Senior Specialist | Immigration Knowledge Team

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask: